General F.A.Q

I am a carrier or manufacturer looking for a strategy to engage users through high quality content. What is the best option for my company?

At Gameloft we have many types of solutions to suit your business strategy. Contact us to let us know what you are looking for and we will create a solution to fit your needs.

Are your services available in my country?

Our services are available worldwide and we have local teams with the local expertise to address your business needs.

What type of end users are interested in gaming and the content Gameloft offers?

The video game industry is currently the largest entertainment sector, with $179.7B revenue in 2020. Statistics show that users of all ages play games, and we have more than 1,700 pieces of content covering every type of player and genre.

What type of devices are compatible with Gameloft solutions?

Our Gameloft solutions are designed for maximum compatibility, reaching users on over 3.500 unique devices, including mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and more.

What type of clients has Gameloft worked with so far?

We have worked with device manufacturers, mobile carriers, car companies, airlines, entertainment companies, and brands of nearly every kind.

I would like to discuss your offerings in more detail. Whom can I contact?

Drop us a line using this contact form. We will get back to you to design the perfect solution for your business.

Gaming Store

What type of content is included in the Entertainment App?

The Entertainment App includes more than 1,700 games, news and video content pieces, from top publishers, worldwide known licenses and exclusive content. But that´s not all! We also have access to third-party content which can also be integrated into your own offerings.

Is the Entertainment App customizable?

The entertainment app is fully customizable, from the look and feel to the structure and content. We can also incorporate gamification, eSports, and marketing features, all in one app.

Can I test a prototype?

Sure! Contact us and we will arrange a unique experience for you to test a prototype and fully see all the features the app has to offer to your company and end users.

Kids App

Can you create a Kids App version with a carrier´s brand on it?

At Gameloft we can deliver to you a fully developed Kids App with all the platform features (e.g., kids accounts, parental control, safe environment, subscription based), and curated content, all customized with your brand.

What type of content is included in the Kids App?

The Kids App includes over 600 pieces of carefully-curated child friendly content. This includes games, videos, and educational material sorted for different ages.

Is it a safe environment for children?

All displayed content is based on the child’s age. Parents can select in advance the specific content they want their children to have access to. There is no advertising or in-app purchases, and all content has been approved as safe for children.

Digital Marketing

How do we run digital marketing campaigns?

Our digital marketing campaigns are focused on measurable KPIs such as subscriptions, website visits, installs, registrations, and much more. This gives us objective goals for gauging performance, so we can deliver the best outcome for your business.

Can you run campaigns for businesses beyond carriers?

We can create unique digital marketing strategies for any type of business, targeting users worldwide that are interested in your products. We´ve been running and optimizing user acquisition campaigns for more than five years.

Cloud Gaming

Why should carriers include Gameloft Cloud Gaming in their offering?

We have been creating and delivering games throughout the world for 20 years. Our cloud gaming service offers a platform to add value to your offer, strengthen your brand, and all backed up with your customer base. Apart from the best games, you can have e-tournaments, esports, analytics and cutting edge marketing features, all in one place, and if you wish, with your brand on it.

What´s the user profile for Gameloft Cloud Gaming?

Gaming has been a massive trend for years now. Our offering includes a games for every member of the family, but also for hardcore gamers.

What type of games are available through Gameloft Cloud Gaming?

There are currently over 500 games from more than 60 international publishers and industry leaders, with new titles added nearly every day.

What are the requirements for end-users to play the games?

In terms of hardware, there are virtually no requirements. The latest games can be played on any device, as all the hardware is in the cloud. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

Smart TV/STB

Besides phones and Smart TV /STB, can you work with other devices too?

We can provide our service to a wide array of devices such as VR headsets, in-flight entertainment, vehicle infotainment, and just about anything you can imagine. Just drop us a line at this link and we’ll create a tailor-made proposal to achieve your goals.

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