Make the difference with gaming content

Our top selling freemium games available on app stores, with a very special gift.


Reward your customer base in an exclusive way

Going the extra mile for high-spending users.


A way to reach new customers

With a high perceived product value.


An opportunity to be unique

With curated content and a customized solution.

Optimize your advertising

Get to your customers using popular Gameloft brands & licenses.


Pinpoint targeting

Only your users will get the vouchers. No opt-in needed.


Be close to millenials

Gifting cool stuff.


Free in-game credits on carefully selected iOS & Android games for end users

We target a specific customer base and we gift the credits using a CRM system to deliver vouchers to end users. The campaign report gives data on eligible users and those who claimed the prize.

We’ve done it before. Check out this case study.

Return of a huge marketing value at a most reasonable transition cost.

TIM increased their users' engagement rate through rewards.

The Solution

All TIM customers received 5€ every week to spend on in-game credits in ten Gameloft games throughout the year. The games were selected based on our top selling freemium games available on app stores in their specific market.

We implemented an in-game promo, a community management system to oversee the effects on the global community, and a technical device to activate the promo. This all lead to a significant enhancement in customer care.