Custom-designed for maximum impact

Users look for products that adapt to their unique needs. We can offer game customizations that showcase your product's unique features, from mobile game themes to completely original games. Just name what you're looking for and we'll make it for you.

Tech customizations to achieve your KPIs

We have a dedicated business team that can guide you to the best-tailored solution for the most outstanding results. Tech customizations include unique features such as enhanced frame rate, HDR imaging, special phone vibration, multi-channel sound, dual-screen display and AR/VR content.


Product differentiation


Increase perceived value


Brand awareness


Increase product sales

We’ve done it before. Check out this case study.

Asus was launching their new ROG Phone 3 and wanted to showcase its powerful product hardware capabilities through games.


The Solution

We picked four of our most popular games; Asphalt® 9: Legends, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Dungeon Hunter 5 and Dungeon Hunter Champions, optimizing them to take full advantage of the ROG TwinView Dock 3, a dual-screen gaming accessory for their new phone. It is capable of displaying games on a super high refresh rate (144Hz/1ms) main screen while receiving additional in-game information form the secondary screen.

"Exploring different approaches and providing distinctive features for mobile gaming has always been our ultimate goal. Thanks to the incredible team at Gameloft we were able to achieve just that. They made their astounding games fully support the dual-screen feature on ROG TwinView Dock 3, allowing more immersive gameplay and creating a special gaming experience like no other."

Bryan Chang, General Manager, Smartphone Business Unit at ASUS