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Engaging Prepaid Clients

Pushing data packages sales by standing out from the competition

The Solution

Claro was looking for a way to incentivize connectivity packs consumption and fidelize prepaid users in Latam, where this is a big market chunk and competition is fierce. We created a bundle as a free Benefit when users purchase a data package, allowing them to download and even play online unlimited games. Thanks to our World Class licenses such as Disney, Hasbro, Namco, Sega and Titles in Exclusivity, we got an engagement rate three times superior than streaming music and Video.

Every time a user tried to play or download a game with an expired data pack, they would get a message saying BUY A DATA PACKAGE TO CONTINUE PLAYING... so they were redirected to the landing page to buy data packs. This strategy led to 20% of active Bundle users being redirected to buy more data packages.