Empowering children to play & learn

A specially designed app for kids with gaming, video and curated content.

Get into a new market

Games are the most appealing content for parents.


Associate with exclusive content.


An expert team dedicated to user acquisition.


Increase revenue with a smart engagement strategy.

A subscription model app with the most secure gaming space

We know how important is for parents to know their kids are in good hands. That´s why we have been sure to create an app that not only has the best quality content, but the safest environment for children.

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Full Parental Control

Parents can pre-select which games and times their children can play.

Multiple Languages Available

Fully localized for players in many regions.

Curated Content Based on Age

A wide catalogue of games, educational apps and videos carefully selected for kids by our experts.

Safe for Kids

NO in-app purchases, NO advertising, NO social media.

We’ve done it before.

Bringing joy to thousands of children with the SFR Kids app