Get into the eSports

eSports have the fastest growing fanbase of any sport ever, with a projected audience of 557M spending $1.5B annually.

eSports is an electronic sports competition for ALL users using video games. It has an online qualifying event and an offline final event.

Gameloft provides the most complete eSports experience, developing and publishing exclusive native in-game sponsoring solutions.

Engage your communities in an exclusive, custom-branded eSport experience

Social & Digital

Press Relationships

Ambassadords & Influencers

In Game

Group Synergies

Creatives Production


In-Game promotion

Expand your subscriber base by engaging with players directly in the game.



Engage game communities through social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).



Promotion on Gameloft media & in-game assets.


PR & Influencers

Engage video game and technology audiences through joint media/influencer PR actions.

We’ve done it before. Check out this case study.

The biggest game convention in Africa

- Generated buzz, branding and engagement
- Fully customized
- Engaged visitors with an entertaining competition
- Improved loyalty & awareness through challenge and rewards

The Solution

We partnered with MTN to create an eSports event held at ComiCon Africa – the biggest gaming convention on the continent. The event was the culmination of 4 weeks’ worth of online events which led up to the finals held there in Johannesburg.