In a broken world ruled by greedy demigods, choose your allies carefully — and fight for survival against endless hordes of zombies, undead monsters, and other unspeakably twisted forces of nature.


Meet Ellthine, the cold-as-ice ruler of the tundra.

Should you join her faction, you’ll be fueling an evil scheme beyond your comprehension — but what choice do you have? Serving the other Daughters of Death, as they’re called around here, wouldn’t be any better, and besides, you always preferred the cold. You’ll be crying on the inside but at least you’ll stay cool while running around this icebox, gathering resources for your frigid leader, and wreaking havoc on the strange creatures that threaten your life in this brave new world.

Illys, sovereign of the forest, is more than just a pretty face.

Should you pledge your allegiance to her, she’ll exploit you to gain power and influence in a war against — Death itself? Whatever. The weather’s better here and you have more important things to worry about anyway, like how to blow up the zombies headed your way! All you know is that so long as you keep fighting with the Forest faction, you might stay alive. You’ll die at the hands of those undead freaks when hell freezes over. That said, it actually just might.



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