The Multi Classed Studio

Our expertise? Action RPGs made accessible. We first opened our gates in August 2010 with the vision of becoming a powerhouse for deep gaming experiences that make us lose track of time and live for a moment in another world.

Our people

After all, it is the people who make Gameloft Cluj our home away from home.

Our Studio

A dynamic powerhouse for extraordinary gaming experiences right in the heart of Transylvania.

A gaming experiences powerhouse

Our catalogue spans every genre and our games are as varied as we are. We have a track record of creating a variety of gaming experiences, from cartoon strategy mobile games, to hardcore RPG titles like Iron Blade and all the way to next generation mobile console titles like Asphalt 9 Legends for Nintendo Switch. Creating games in the heart of Transylvania infuses us with its balance of rich cultural heritage and a unique outlook towards the future.

Craftsmen standing for quality

We consider ourselves craftsmen of our respective trade and take pride in striving to achieve the best in our work, while also having fun and enjoying the ride. Our mission is to perfect our craft continuously and to create the best mobile gaming experiences, appreciated by fans in all corners of the world.

A game changer mindset

We constantly push ourselves to act as leaders: to take initiative, challenge the status quo and bring solutions to improve Gameloft every day. We do not shy away from adversity. This is what gives us a competitive edge.

Learning and growing opportunities

We see each project as a challenge and our main goal is to outdo and reinvent ourselves with every top tier game that we add to our portfolio.

Cultural diversity

We emphasize diversity in all facets of the company, from whom we recruit to how we build our teams.

Social benefits & CSR

We give because we care and we receive as a result of our kindness. We want our local community to see the humans behind the computer screens.

Join Us

We seem to have found the perfect ingredients to create the right work environment: cultural diversity, enthusiasm, boldness, mutual trust, kindness and a constant need for self-improvement.


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