Our expertise: ambitious games on a broad spectrum of genres. Founded in 2000, Gameloft Montreal is the biggest mobile gaming studio in Québec.

Our People

Gameloft Montreal also started to open important departments so the studio could develop its game from A to Z.

Gameloft Montréal

We're laidback people who like to work in a casual, friendly environment while continuing to challenge ourselves to better our games every day.

Originality & Ambition

Our vision for the studio involves creating original, ambitious games that feature high production values, and forging long-term partnerships with highly renowned licences. In short, we aim to raise expectations.

High production quality at a human scale

We’re a studio that operates on a human scale. The production teams that work on our AAA mobile games are smaller than those in other studios, making it possible for coworkers to really get to know each other. This setup also gives each member of the team the chance to have real input in the creative process.

Diversity & Autonomy

The Montreal studio is one of the very few studios able to produce all of a game locally, thanks to the support teams that make it possible. Besides our production teams, we are very lucky to have an audio team, creating the sound, narration and music for every game; a video team, working on our promotional assets; and a localization team, translating every game into more than 15 languages.

Your health: Our priority

We offer great medical coverage, virtual healthcare, cash back for using active transportation, mental health counselling and more.

A balance between work and personal life

Our employees get 3 weeks off per year from the start, as well as 7 personal days without justification, and flexible work hours.

To us, you're more than an employee

Gameloft cares about your retirement: We match 50% of an employee's RRSP contributions (up to 4% of your salary).

Join Us

We are a human-sized studio. The Montreal’s studio is one of the very few studios able to produce games in their entirety locally, thanks to the support teams making it possible.


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