At Gameloft Brisbane we believe one of the greatest keys to success is finding a Balance in everything we do. Whether it's working our tails off or enjoying the incredible lifestyle of Queensland Australia, we strive to find a successful balance. Since opening in late 2014, Gameloft Brisbane has released Zombie Anarchy and Gameloft's first Apple Arcade game, Ballistic Baseball.

Our People

People are the most important resource, and working effectively and happily as a team is the key to succeeding together.

Brisbane Studio

We strive to create the best experiences for our players and the best way to achieve this is through supporting our people.

Working quick, thinking fast

To us, the how is as important as the what; they are interdependent & interrelated. Our rapid evolution of concepts with rapid prototyping are always calibrated by quality. Our development methodologies and prototyping evolve rapidly thanks to our well trained and experienced team members, the chemistry they have and our internal organization and practices.

Great team and skillset

Our team has gathered highly experienced, talented, motivated, capable, smart professionals that are forward thinking, always positive and constantly finding room for improvement. We are driven by pride, player satisfaction, commercial success and fun!

Collaborative mindset

Our culture is critically important to delivering successful products and studio longevity. We build from our goals, our values, leadership & personalities. We have a strong team, culture & values. We nurture leadership, and entrepreneurship. We are highly collaborative, our people are triggering each others ideas. Being a small team, we developed a certain chemistry & strong relationships.

Beautiful Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia and is known for its vibrant urban precincts, outdoor lifestyle and welcoming locals.

World-Class Amenities & Support

Gameloft Brisbane is all about a work-life balance.We subsidize fitness activities like gym and rock climbing memberships.

Active in the Community

The team feels blessed to work in such a great place, it is only right we give back to our local communities.