Keeping the magic alive

Our expertise: Production&QA. Founded in 2014, Gameloft Lviv growed fast and feel like there is no challenge it can't face

Our People

Lviv GL studio is 270 qualified professionals who create excellent projects for millions of players around the world

Lviv Studio

This studio offers not only the opportunity to work, but also a good opportunity for career growth

Carefully crafting content

Our Lviv studio focused on bringing new content to existing games, making sure to deliver content of exceptional quality, thought out to the smallest detail.

Variety of Skills

Beyond Tier C teams, we also are the home of Gameloft' Quality Assurance main hub, as well as some Customer Care and Business Intelligence departments.

Zen mindset

In are studio, we are zen! We have freedom of speech, open-minds, great productivity & performance. We value friendship and cooperation. We work together. A problem of one person is a common problem thet we always solve together.


We work and rest together. A problem of each person is a common problem that we solve together


We are always ready to support highly qualified employees, even if he or she is a student


We will support you in everything related to professional development

Join Us

We are always hiring! But this is not just a job: We share an intense desire to bring fun to everyone in the world and be the best at doing so.


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