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Heartwarming Sharing Session for Highschool Students at SOS Children's Village Vietnam

Posted on: January 11, 2024

Hello Readers!

Welcome to Gameloft Open Class, designed to offer students facing challenges a chance to develop important soft skills and gain practical knowledge and experiences for self-development.

In line with our CSR motto, "Play The Good Game For Society", this year's Gameloft Open Class took place at Saigon Studio. We were thrilled to have 20 high school students from SOS Children's Villages Vietnam join us.

The event kicked off with an exciting office tour where we showcased our various departments, facilities, and working environment. We wanted the students to get a real sense of what it's like to work at Gameloft and the benefits we offer to our employees.

Next up was the main session of the Game Open Class, focusing on "Presentation Skills". Two fantastic speakers, Ly Vi Hue - our Senior Game Producer, and Nguyen Hai Yen - our HRBP Specialist, led the sharing session.

Vi Hue, in his role as a Game Producer, accompanies and manages team members in the game project. As a crucial link, he always masters the art of presentation to deliver project information meticulously and accurately to the team. That's why he conducted a section of 'How to build a presentation structure'

Hai Yen, with many years of experience in the HR industry, regularly shares and communicates HR-related information to our Gamelofters in the most understandable and concise way possible. That's why she has honed her presentation skills remarkably well. That's why she was in charge of Body Language.

During the session, the students devided into four groups, and each group was assigned one of the following topics to work on:

  • Is it worthwhile to go to university?
    The pros and cons of social media
    The culture of idolization
    Protecting the environment

All students were required to collaborate and work together to prepare presentation slides based on the given topics, as provided by the speakers. Then, they had the opportunity to take turns presenting their topics to the class. This interactive approach encouraged active participation, allowing students to learn from their friends and engage in discussions about various viewpoints.

The speakers faced a tough time scoring the groups because everyone did an excellent job. They also provided feedback to help the students further improve their skills.

Later on, we had a fun get-to-know session where the speakers encouraged the students to share their names, ages, career dreams, strengths, and weaknesses. It was a great way to connect and bond with each other.

To wrap up the event, we gave small gifts to each and every student as a token of appreciation for their participation.

Overall, Gameloft Open Class was a resounding success, providing valuable guidance and teaching essential skills to the students. Once again, we want to express our sincere appreciation to our two speakers and all the students for taking part in this helpful and informative session once again. Thank you all so much!