Kingdoms & Lords

Kingdoms & Lords

A strategy game: Raise the most powerful army and attack your neighbors to prove your strength. A medieval simulation: Expand and cultivate lands in a rich production system to build your kingdom. Challenge friends by launching your troops against their defenses and see who has the best army! Forge alliances with friends, help their kingdoms, rescue their units and send them unique gifts. Upgrade your buildings and unlock new ones to enhance your capacities and optimize your production. Invest to develop your army and upgrade their weapons to protect your kingdom against rivals.

Kingdoms & Lords


  • 浴血圍城


    集結威猛的英雄以建立你的軍隊,並在即時 PvP 戰鬥中與世界各地的玩家一較高下!

  • 軍火世界 - 投入戰爭,報效國家!

    軍火世界 - 投入戰爭,報效國家!

    《軍火世界》是 Gameloft 的突破性全新社交遊戲!

  • 極速之城