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We are 4,600 dreamers,
that spread the fun of gaming to millions of players

Come and Join The Game!

What we offer you

The opportunities at an international video game company are
as rewarding as they are challenging.

  • Talented Teammates
  • Beautiful Office in Great Cities
  • WellBeing Facilities
  • Fun Outdoor and Indoor Activities
  • Meal and Transportation Allowances
  • Workshops and Team Building Activities
  • International Job Opportunities
  • Relocation Package

Join The Game

Gameloft values

Our values guide every decision we make and are the backbone of our success.


We are passionate about everything we do – about our games, our company and our industry.

This is not just a job: we share an intense desire to bring fun to everyone in the world and be the best at doing so.

We are not just colleagues: our shared passion forges bonds and friendships that go beyond the norm, enabling us to work as one and overcome every obstacle in our path.

Talent Growth

We take chances on people.

We favor taking a risk on promising aspirants who fit in our culture and project themselves with us over the long term.

Unity In Diversity

We emphasize diversity in all facets of the company, from whom we recruit to how we build teams and studios.

It is by combining the diverse talents and backgrounds of our multicultural group that we achieve greatness.


We boldly embrace change and have the means and the will to tackle any endeavor.

We are proud of our ability to adapt quickly and evolve, always staying true to our entrepreneurial spirit.


Flagging issues is not enough. We constantly push ourselves to act as leaders: to take initiative, challenge the status quo, and bring solutions to improve Gameloft every day.

We do not shy away from adversity. This is what gives us a competitive edge.

Opportunities abound

  • Juriste Propriété Intellectuelle (VIE)

    • Paris, France
    • Fixed term contract
  • Senior Office Administrator

    • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Permanent contract
  • Senior User Acquisition Manager (Mobile)

    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Permanent contract

Frequently asked questions

I'd love to work at Gameloft! What's it like to Join The Game?

Gameloft opens its doors to talented people who share our vision of offering mobile games to the entire planet through our products. We are looking for individuals who can live and breathe our values and who will contribute to the delivery of our mission. In return for the dedication of our valued employees, we offer development opportunities to spearhead their careers with a leader in the field of digital games while working in an energetic, team oriented environment.

How do I apply?

To get started, all that you need to do is select the criteria of your dream job on our careers page. From there you can apply directly and will be asked to upload your resume, cover letter, and portfolio link (tip: candidates applying for creative positions must have an online portfolio that we can view. If you don’t have one yet, go ahead and create one… now!). You may also apply using your LinkedIn credentials.

How can my application stand out?

We are looking for talented people in various disciplines, but we’ll only select the best. Seize your chance to “Join The Game” and seize it well!

Your resume is the first point of contact with our team at Gameloft. Use this opportunity to make your mark! Here are some helpful tips:

Presentation and readability is key: be creative and take the time to format your resume accordingly.

Where have you been and where are you headed: ensure that your professional objectives, experience, education and skills are clearly stated.

We would love to learn more about your talents: place emphasis on how your skills and experience compliment Gameloft and the selection criteria for the specific position that you are applying for.

Show us what you’re made of: be honest, and do not hesitate to share examples of your work.

Give us your digits: so that we can contact you, include your name, address, telephone numbers and email address on your application.

What will happen after I complete the online application process? How does the recruitment process work?

Once you have completed your online application, you will receive a notification message to confirm the successful receipt of your application, along with an overview of the recruitment process.

Each application is carefully reviewed. If there is a distinct match between your talents and our needs, we will contact you directly within a few weeks. If you don’t hear from us within that period, please assume that we do not have a suitable opportunity at the time of your application. You are encouraged to apply again in the future if you chance upon a good fit to your skills and experience on our careers page!

For most positions, candidates are requested to complete a skills assessment either online or at one of our studios. This step is your chance to get an interview so it’s a good idea to prepare in advance!

How can I stand out during my interview?

Before the interview: learn as much as you can about Gameloft, prepare some key points about why you’re interested in joining our team, why you identify with our vision and mission and of course, our values.

During the interview: your skills and experience means that you have mastered the content already, so stay calm and be yourself.

After the interview: if there is anything that you would like to know about the position, the company, the culture, or the team that wasn’t addressed during the interview, we are eager to answer your questions!

What should I wear for the interview?

Be tidy, but be comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the better we can get to know you. We put premium on your skills, not your outfit.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes! You can submit an application for each position that you are interested in. Keep in mind that it’s important to tailor your answers and uploads to match the specific job criteria.

What if I don't find the right opportunity immediately?

If you don’t see your ideal opportunity, register for our job alerts and when a position becomes available that matches your criteria, you will receive an e-mail notification alerting you of a potential opportunity. If the right opportunity does come up, submit your application tailored to the role.

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