The Minion Rush Community Event Begins

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Join other Minion Rush players around the world to earn rewards for EVERYONE in this despicably good Community Event. Through the efforts of every player we will be able to unlock the amazing rewards together. Now you can run towards a common goal!

Work with the community

To earn prizes in Minion Rush’s Community Event, all you have to do is play! The event began on April 20th and is going to continue until May 2nd. During this time there will be a “Banana Day” Special Mission active in-game. Running through this mission you will see Special Tickets, that you can collect, dotted throughout the stage.

Every Ticket you collect will count towards a shared total with the rest of the Minion Rush world. By helping to reach specific milestones of collected Special Tickets, gifts will be unlocked for every member of the Community.



There are three of these reward milestones in total – but currently we only know the first. The initial goal is to collect 10 Million Tickets. If this can be reached, then every player is going to get 75 Tokens and three Golden Prize Pods!

These rewards will be gifted to every player when the third milestone is reached or when the event ends on May 2nd. So, jump into the action right now and start contributing to the Community total. Work with the rest of the Minion Rush Community to ensure everyone receives all of these incredible prizes.

Plus, keep up with all of the Minion Rush Community Event news on the game's Facebook and Instagram pages. These channels will reveal information as it is released on rewards and milestones.

If you aren't playing Despicable Me: Minion Rush yet then you can download it now.


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