Humans Behind the Game: Martin Rusev, Product Marketing Manager

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Say hello to Martin Rusev, our product marketing manager at Gameloft Sofia!

Martin is an avid gamer and marketing pro and is in charge of creating fun and entertaining campaigns for our various games!

Find out more about how Gameloft has helped him cultivate his creativity and some of his favorite moments below!

Hi, Martin! Tell us about yourself.
My name is Martin Rusev and I’m a product marketing manager in Gameloft’s Sofia studio.

I joined the company in June 2019, and so far I’ve been involved in three different and very interesting projects—Dungeon Hunter 5, War Planet Online, and I’m currently working on a brand new game that will soon go live and we hope will be a huge success!

Before joining Gameloft, I worked as a marketing manager in the iGaming industry. However, joining the mobile gaming world was definitely the right choice for me—it helped me combine my passions for mobile games and creative marketing.

Working in Gameloft has allowed me to learn a lot from very experienced game professionals and has given me the chance to unleash my creativity to create very fun and successful marketing campaigns.

In my spare time on the weekends, I’m a professional football referee. I’ve been doing this since 2012, and it has taught me how to make important decisions and stand by them.

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What is your role, and what do you enjoy most about your job?

Being a product marketing manager gives you the creative freedom to come up with and manage different and interesting marketing campaigns.

Additionally, product marketing managers are involved in the product development, sales processes, and community management. To a certain degree, product marketing managers are the voices of the players when deciding on promotions and new features for our awesome games.

What I like the most about being a product marketing manager at Gameloft is the huge number of highly specialized experts that help us create and run 360° marketing campaigns. My role is similar to opera conductors—we have a great number of tools and specialists that we work with to make sure everything is in sync and functioning properly on the marketing front.

What are some of your most memorable moments at Gameloft?
When working on Dungeon Hunter 5, we had a very fun campaign with a Russian influencer who created an awesome wooden sword that was inspired by an in-game weapon.

The video was really popular, so we decided to give the replica as a reward to a player who liked it so much that he sent us back photos of himself cosplaying with it!

On a more serious note, we all know how impactful 2020 was for everyone. This is why at the beginning of the pandemic, the War Planet Online team decided to make a $10,000 donation on Gameloft’s behalf to the World Health Organization!

We wanted to involve our game community in this initiative, so we had an in-game event with a really easy target for all our players. The goal wasn’t for our players to win but to simply participate in the event. We called it “Stay Home, Stay Safe and #PlayWPO”, and the players enjoyed it a lot.

martin rusev product marketing manager war planet online charity campaign

As a gamer, I believe fun and captivating games can be a great device to escape the sometimes harsh reality that we live in. It’s one of the reasons why we’re always trying to keep our players entertained!

What advice do you have for people who want to work in gaming in a similar role?
If you like marketing and have some product knowledge, the mobile gaming industry is a great opportunity to learn new stuff and grow in your career.

If, in addition to that, you’re a gamer, then it’s a no-brainer really—follow your passion, and join us to create games for people around the world!

Level up your career and join us today! Apply to our job opportunities in our studios around the world here, and stay tuned for another edition of Humans Behind the Game!

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