Humans Behind the Game: Nathalie Croci, Global Digital Marketing Group Lead

Humans Behind the Game

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Nathalie Croci is our Global Digital Marketing Group Lead at Paris HQ, but that nature of her job allows her to work with employees all over the world!

She’s been with us for three years now, and they’ve been some of the most exciting and rewarding in her career.

Find out more about her job and the wonderful advice she has for other women in tech and gaming below!

Hi, Nathalie! Tell us about yourself.
I joined Gameloft late 2017 after working about 10 years in various marketing and brand building roles mainly in the mobile hardware industry.

Currently, I am the Global Digital Marketing Group Lead, and I have the chance to work on all the touchpoints our audiences have with our brands in the digital marketing realm.

This is probably my most exciting and challenging role to date, as it entails building the right strategies and empowering our teams in order to craft the most valuable digital marketing experiences for all our players and audiences.

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What is your role and what do you like most about it?
In a nutshell, the crux of my role is to craft the digital marketing vision for Gameloft and empower all our digital marketing population with the right tools and frameworks in order for them to achieve the roll out of their campaigns with the highest impact.

This is definitely not an easy feat, but I have the chance to work with great team members around the world who are invaluable in helping us reach our collective goals. I really believe in the power and benefit of being able to bring together skillful and positive people, which is probably what I love most about my role.

What are some of your most memorable moments at Gameloft?
I haven’t been at Gameloft for a long time, but one of my favorite moments here has been the creation of our WebFactory team back in 2019, which is our internal web development agency.

Going through the process of scouting for the right talents, defining our vision and strategy, and seeing one year later the team being recognized internally for their expertise is more than rewarding for me.

I’m super proud of the WebFactory team and what they’ve been able to achieve, and I’m eager to see some of our biggest projects come to life this year!

What advice do you have for people, and especially women, who’d like to work in the gaming industry in a similar role?
I’ve always been pretty much a geek and have always loved new tech, so of course I was thrilled to start my career and evolve in various tech industries. But I must say that as a woman working in very masculine industries and environments, it has been challenging at times.

The advice that I can give is: power on, and be yourself! Set goals for yourself, and don’t be afraid to voice your expectations and ambitions. Being valued for your skills, knowledge, and expertise isn’t always easy, but your efforts will go a long way, regardless of the environment you evolve in.

Also, never give into set stereotypes or the general status quo. You have the power to change the environment you’re in, and as a woman, I believe that what are usually perceived as signs of weaknesses are actually great strengths: empathy and intuition will take you a very long way.

We have multiple marketing positions available in our studios around the world, and you can find them all here! Stay tuned next week for another edition of Humans Behind the Game!

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