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Stefania Mois is one of our game community managers at Gameloft Cluj!

Her first job in the gaming industry, she joined us last year in the middle of the pandemic after hearing from her friend about all the exciting projects she got to work on in her gaming company.

Stefania didn’t hesitate to make the change and is now the link between the game team and players of Asphalt 9: Legends on the Nintendo Switch! And she takes her role very seriously—our self-described stubborn game community manager does everything in her power to help out her beloved community!

Find out more about her role, her favorite childhood games, and what she loves about the Nintendo Switch community the most below!

What is your role at Gameloft?
I’m the game community manager for Asphalt 9: Legends on the Nintendo Switch. I’m the main link between Gameloft and our player community and act as the "face" of Gameloft, ensuring that the social media and community strategy is ideated and implemented.  I also help the community with their individual or group issues and get to make cool contests for them to enjoy.

My average day starts with my coffee and chatting with the community on Discord, then I move on to my tasks for the day and brainstorm for new cool ideas to implement for the community in my free time.

You get a bunch of friends working in a job like this, but that might be because I have the power of giving in-game gifts!

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What sparked your interest in video games?
I’m part of the generation that split their time between playing outside and on the PC.

The first games I played were the basic ones that you found preinstalled on the PC, like Space Pinball. Then I got access to more advanced games like The Sims and Grand Theft Auto, which were my first loves.

I think most people who’ve played The Sims know the feeling of excitement when starting a new project and planning all the details for the house and characters and playing with them for 20 minutes before wanting to create another project.

I used to play Grand Theft Auto at a friend’s house, and even though it was considered a “boy’s game” back then, we loved to drive around aimlessly and crash the cars. We did some missions from time to time, but the main focus was causing damage.

I liked the challenge, and I also loved exploring all the virtual worlds and wondering how they were created.

How did you come to first work in the gaming industry?
This is my first job in the gaming industry. I had two jobs before this working as a marketing specialist in completely different fields.

One of my friends was working in the gaming industry and hearing about all the cool stuff she got to do made me interested in applying. I’ve never regretted that decision, and I have to say this is the best job I’ve had up until now because it’s a perfect mix of new things, fun, and work.

Who is one of your role models, and how have they helped you in your career?
My dad is my role model. He was always there for me and helped me not only to learn and grow, but also to become a better person. I learned from him many things, but especially how to keep my promises and to help people without expecting anything in return. I also got the stubborn gene from him.

But I think these traits are assets for my role in the company because as some of my teammates will be able to tell you, I’m relentless when it comes to helping the community. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping them solve an issue or just being there for them when they need someone to listen.

What have been your main challenges as a woman throughout your career so far?
I think the main challenge is being heard and learning how to get your point across. Sometimes, women have to work harder to be heard, but to put it more positively, it helps us grow and become great in our fields.

To be fair, I haven’t had any problems with being heard in my current role but in the past, I’ve had my opinion ignored over those of my male colleagues even though I was right. We as women shouldn’t let ourselves be outshined by our male colleagues, especially when we bring value to the company we work for.

In my opinion, everything comes from education, so a good first step would be educating young girls and boys on this subject.

What do you love about your job today?
I love how I get to interact with the community and meet amazing people with different backgrounds. I get a different view of the world through their eyes, and I also get a lot of satisfaction out of helping and advocating for them.

Over the past nine months, I’ve had many memorable moments with the Nintendo Switch community. I love the fact that they have a good sense of humor and can make the best out of a bad situation. We had one event that didn’t turn out like we hoped, but we put our feelings into a meme war, which ended up great.

The community also calls me the “Queen of Tease” because I always tease them about upcoming updates and events, and my favorite answer to their questions is always “soon”. We even made a time-limited event in the game with that name, and it got a positive reaction from the players.

What kind of changes would you like to see in the industry and beyond?
I would like to see more women be a part of this industry and to change the misconception that games are mostly for men because yes, this stereotype is still alive and well.

I believe that with a collective effort from women in gaming and a lot of education, we can change this stereotype, but only in time. Big changes always take time, and we won’t change this overnight, but I think we’re making steps in the right direction. I already see more and more women joining the industry!

What do video games mean to you?
Video games are a way to relax but also to help you grow. They challenge you, develop communities, and help forge real friendships.

What do you love about video games in one word?
Evolution. I love how they evolve so fast! I would have never imagined playing VR games that are available for everyone today!

If you want to help us change the stereotypes around gaming, check out all our job opportunities in our studios around the world here! Stay tuned for another, and final edition, of Girls Who Slay the Game!

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