Gangstar Vegas Sets the Scene for Massive Updates with [A LANDMARK 2020]


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Gangstar Vegas and its neon lights are ready to welcome the new year with a truly massive update: [A LANDMARK 2020]

The update is changing the game with new action coming to Las Vegas. Several highly-anticipated features that everyone and their brother have been asking for will be coming to the game as we ramp things up.

Putting together all the cool new features takes a lot of time and effort. To make sure every part of the play is performed to perfection, we'll be introducing everything them one by one, giving every item on the menu a chance to shine in the spotlight.

The first step of the plan is this very announcement!

Get ready to welcome new ways to explore the city, take on missions, and take in new sights with exciting Gangstar Vegas experiences.

Keep your eyes out for more Gangsar Vegas news! We'll be revealing more details about [A LANDMARK 2020] soon!

Download the game now on AppStore or Google Play and see the changes for yourself!

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