Welcome to the Gameloft Summer Camp ’21

Gameloft Summer Camp

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It’s summer. The sun is shining, and you’re on vacation and just about to settle into the couch with your favorite Gameloft game when you hear it:

“It’s so nice out. You’re not going to stay inside all day playing video games are you?”

We love playing games all year round—not just during bad weather—and believe the summer is a good as time as any. But if you need a good excuse to play, come and join the Gameloft Summer Camp!

Summer camps are all about having fun while learning new skills, and we’ve planned some exciting activities throughout August, including a trailer competition, Q&As, and tips about working in the gaming industry!


The Trailer Contest

Creativity lies at the heart of many, if not all, games, and we wanted to promote and encourage this essential skill through the Gameloft Summer Camp.

This is why we’re inviting you to create a trailer for your favorite Gameloft game! We know the community is full of talent, and this is your opportunity to learn some new skills or brush up on existing ones while showing your love for video games.

The creators of our 10 favorite trailers will be rewarded with $100 USD to spend in the Gameloft game of their choice! We’ll also showcase the winning trailers in a special video, which will be featured on our social media channels.

Check out the website to learn more about the contest and how to enter. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Join the Gaming Industry

The Gameloft Summer Camp is also the place to be if you’ve ever dreamed of working in the gaming industry.

We’ll be hosting two Q&As with two of our employees on Discord to answer any burning questions you might have about what it’s like working at Gameloft and in gaming.

gameloft summer camp Q&A gero micciche

We’ll be talking with Gero Micciché, Game Producer at Gameloft Budapest, on Thursday, August 12 and Christopher Teskey, Game Developer at Gameloft Barcelona, on Thursday, August 24 (hours to be announced) to answer any questions you might have about their jobs and the industry!

gameloft summer camp Q&A christopher teskey

Join our Discord and drop your question (or react to your favorite questions from others) for Gero and Christopher in #summer-camp-q&a. They just might answer it during the live Q&A!


Fun in the Sun

Of course, what kind of summer would it be without some time to kick back and relax with some of our games?

We have tons of fun, new updates for you to try out and some “tips” on Instagram on how to live your best gaming life this summer!

Don’t miss out on all the fun and games by following us on Discord and Instagram!  We hope you enjoy your stay at Camp Gameloft.

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