KOF and DHC meet in the Eternal Contest

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Gameloft is incredibly proud to be partnering with SNK in a landmark moment for Dungeon Hunter Champions, the KOF vs DHC: King of Champions Event. Two warriors from the legendary Japanese game developer’s renowned THE KING OF FIGHTERS series are coming to the Eternal Contest.

Any gamer can instantly recognize Kyo Kusanagi and Mai Shiranui, especially with their original Japanese voices from THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 that will feature in this event! These two iconic fighters are mainstays of the KOF franchise and they are no strangers to combat. Now, they are bringing their skills to the world of Dungeon Hunter Champions.

Win a trip to Osaka, Japan, to visit SNK's studio.

Historic Fighters

Beginning on October 18th, you will have three weeks to unlock and improve these two challengers - in all of their forms - during this KOF vs DHC: King of Champions Event.


Both Kyo Kusanagi and Mai Shiranui will be available in each of the game’s five different elemental types: Nature, Fire, Water, Light, or Dark. Within these elements, each fighter will have exclusive skills, based on their attacks and combos from the KOF games, to reflect their unique styles. For example, a Fire based Kyo has access to pyrokinetic leadership abilities which boost other fire Champions’ attacks. There are even Ascended versions of each character, offering even greater powers.

This Time-Limited Event features an exclusive game mode. In this, you must battle and defeat Mai and Kyo. Each time you fight them, they become more powerful – requiring that you master all of your Champions, and their skills, to develop a winning strategy.

Reaching the next level

During the event will be the only time you can acquire items to further fortify your KOF Champions. For them to reach their potential, you must gather KOF Ascending Elixirs. This unlocks both Mai and Kyo’s full power and reveals a new appearance.


There is also exclusive KOF gear to unlock. This offers your Champions additional stat boosts. Plus, if you can gather the exclusive full set of powerful gear, you will not only receive a massive boost but also an exclusive set bonus!

The KOF vs DHC: King of Champions Event features a host of other themed bonuses for committed players. Additional outfits for your Kyo and Mai Champions can be unlocked to give them even more flare. Plus, if you want to make yourself standout, then you can keep an eye out for eye-catching THE KING OF FIGHTERS icons.

To help you earn all of these, there is also a special KOF vs DHC: King of Champions Event Calendar and Lottery. Logging in daily during this period gives you the chance to win a stack of rewards, including Event Coins, Energy, and Points.

Begin your fight in Dungeon Hunter Champions on iOS, Android, and Windows to be part of the historic KOF vs DHC: King of Champions Event. Follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to keep up with all of the latest event news.


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