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Dungeon Hunter Champions

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If you are ready for an online Action-RPG that will test your skills to their limits, then Dungeon Hunter Champions has everything you are looking for. With an expansive single-player campaign, thrilling multiplayer modes, and stunning visuals, this epic fantasy adventure will plunge you into a thrilling new take on Gameloft’s classic dungeon delving franchise - perfect for both longtime fans and newcomers.

100s of Champions

You begin your journey with Rogrim the Bounty Hunter before quickly being joined by Boon Sister. From there you must build and customize your own team of Champions. You can do this by meeting them during the Story and by randomly summoning them from every corner of the multiverse! There are 100s of Champions to discover, each with their own distinct feel and look, allowing you to build a diverse squad for every situation.


First, you must find which classes of Champion fit your play-style. With Tank, Fighter, Mage, Support, Assassin, and Marksman to choose from, the tactical options on offer are immense – allowing you to prepare for any situation. While building your team, be certain to take into account the Champions' elemental affinities. Exploiting the weakness of the foes you face is going to give you the edge in every battle. Mix-and-match both the class and element of your heroes to form lethal combinations for any situation.

Vast single-player campaign

Exploring the vast single-player Story Mode you’ll form and master your team. The epic campaign will have you exploring gorgeous environments and battling seemingly insurmountable foes across multiple scenarios. Long time Dungeon Hunter fans will find themselves instantly at home with the game’s smooth action and fluid combat. All of this is controlled through the intuitive interface that ensures that even the freshest of players can easily pick up the game to get in on the action.


But, while Dungeon Hunter Champions lifts from the gameplay that made the series great, it adds thrilling innovations. As you move through each level you can instantly change which hero you control from those in your squad. This creates dynamic new possibilities for combat. Pick the right hero for any situation and synergize between your Champions as you switch between them at will.

Huge bosses

Challenges through the single-player game include gigantic bosses like the brutal Bull Demon King and the vicious Elder Drake, both of which dwarf you on the battlefield. Work out strategies to takedown these incredible enemies by countering their devastating attacks.


Defeating these raid bosses earns you high level gear and materials. Equip this gear and use these materials to Ascend your Champions to reach new levels of power. In Adventure Mode you can also replay missions across three difficulty levels (Normal, Epic, and Legendary) to unlock greater rewards and power-up your squad even further.

Connect and build Guilds

To help you take on these higher level challenges you are going to need help. Join with players in the worldwide community to create or join a Guild so you can earn powerful bonuses to gain an edge. You and your friends can also share your most powerful Champions to reinforce each other’s parties.

However, not everyone you meet in the world of Dungeon Hunter Champions is a friend. Action extends far beyond the single-player campaign with the game’s PvP multiplayer. Battle with other players or the AI in fearsome combat. This will test both your teamwork skills and Champion mastery if you hope to emerge victorious.

Challenge the Arena

Arena is the first multiplayer mode you face. Battle other players’ pre-built rosters of Champions in this 4v4 crucible. Grind other players’ squads beneath your boots as you climb the leaderboards to gain fame and glory.

You can refine your Arena skills - and earn Gems - in Challengers Mode. Here again you face off in a 4v4 battle, only this time against AI Bots. This roster of Champions is always on hand for you to fight. But there is a cooldown between attempts, so mastering the stronger opponents you unlock as your level increases is going to take time!


5v5 real-time combat

But, if you want a more engaged and cooperative battle, then Dungeon Hunter Champions offers real-time 5v5 multiplayer action. Here you take control of a single Champion. Then you must coordinate with the four other members of your team to destroy your opponents’ base. Work with your squad to master strategies and synergies between characters in real-time.

Begin your journey from hero to Champion by downloading Dungeon Hunter Champions today on iOS, Android, and Windows. You can also join the game’s community, and begin to form your Guilds, by visiting Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to get a head start on the opposition.

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