The Villains of Dungeon Hunter 5 Are Taking Over!

Dungeon Hunter 5

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The latest Dungeon Hunter 5 update flips the script to unveil the true face of evil. With the Unholy Alliance and the Crumbled Summoner's Citadel, the bad guys are taking a stand against the years of hunting they endured and they are now rising up to show the world who’s the boss.

After all, who made the rule that bad guys have to be bad?

Started From The Bottom


When raiding dungeons and collecting bounties in Dungeon Hunter 5, have you ever stopped to think about how all those demons and monsters feel?

The story starts with Captain Enom having finally had enough and putting his foot down. The demon leader is tired of idly watching as the humans wreak havoc on his world. For Enom and his kin, the “heroes” show up, destroy everything, and take “bounties” stolen from their homes!

The "peace" everyone talks so much about means anything but for everyone outside human realm. In the face of extinction, all the demons, monsters, and unholy beings are banding together against a common enemy. Their hate for the Bounty Hunters pieces every inch of the Unholy Alliance, providing the incredible power needed to topple the Citadel.

Their message is clear: We are the Unholy Alliance and we are no longer afraid of you!

Keep your eyes out as the story continues to unfold over the next few updates with more events and special bonuses in the coming months!

So Bad It’s Good


They say the hero is only as good as the villain and in Dungeon Hunter 5 the villains have a reputation for being top notch. That evil inspiration is what led the devs to dive into the rich lore of the darker side of the game. The legacy of captivating stories filled with mysterious antagonists is a big part of what makes Dungeon Hunter so much fun for everyone working on Dungeon Hunter 5.

Introducing new villains into the world gives the devs a chance to reignite the passionate story, building a new epic adventure for our favorite heroes. Turning the tables with the Crumbled Citadel also opens up new ways to play and endless opportunities for new gear like the new legendary weapon: the Shard Dagger of Crumble.

A World in Ruins


The Crumbled Citadel is unlike anything we’ve seen in Dungeon Hunter 5. To achieve that unique atmosphere the artists worked hard to create an amazing new environment. The new story and the expanded gameplay mechanics add on to the satisfaction, really creating a desire to explore more new game scenarios!

Hunters Strike Back


Being a hero means fulfilling your righteous duty and fighting for what’s good. It means letting peace ring true all throughout the land. So as the Dark Forces of the Unholy Alliance threaten to reduce Valenthia to ashes, make them bite the dust in the Crumbled Summoner’s Citadel and face the ultimate boss!

Raise your sword and help fight back against the Unholy Alliance by downloading Dungeon Hunter 5 today!

If you want to know all the details of everything new in this update, check out the full patch notes!

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