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Dungeon Hunter 5

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Adventurers and Bounty Hunters love loot, everyone knows that, so they are bound to love the Dungeon Hunter 5 Giveaway. The DH5 sweepstakes is offering three different prize packages for winners. For the first five names drawn there will be one Legendary Chest filled with powerful gear. Three more lucky players are to each get themselves four VIP Chests, and finally the last two players walk away with four Strong Hold Chests and four Gear Chests.

If you want to be in with a chance to grab these chests and the lovely loot within, then just login to Gleam below. You can use an email address or your Facebook account to do this and get one entry. After that you can perform other actions for more opportunities to win. Be sure to check the T&C to ensure you are eligible to enter.

That's not all though, as the War Planet Online Giveaway is still in full swing until 23:59PM on December 16th! All you Generals can enter that further down the page for a chance to win 4,000 Medals and a Tactical Nuke in-game. Read the full terms here.

These giveaways might be over, but there are more here until the 21st of December!

Enter the Dungeon Hunter 5 giveaway

Gameloft Central Holiday Giveaway : Dungeon Hunter 5

Are you a fan of fantasy or action games and NOT playing Dungeon Hunter 5? First, why? Second, download it this instant on iOS, Android, and Windows. Want to know more? Then seek out DH5 on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Enter the War Planet Online giveaway

Gameloft Central Holiday Giveaway : War Planet Online

You should already be playing War Planet Online, but if you're not you can download it now on iOS, Android, and Windows. Follow WPO on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for more!


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