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Dungeon Hunter 5

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In the Shattered Realms five elemental forces dominate: Nature, Light, Fire, Dark, and Water. When you become a Bounty Hunter in the world of Valenthia you must make use of all of these to emerge victorious. But you shall always feel more drawn to one of them. Discover your elemental affinity in this Dungeon Hunter 5 quiz.

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You can begin your life as a bounty hunter in Dungeon Hunter 5 now on iOS, Android, and Windows. Put your elemental powers to the test! Like and subscribe to the game's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels to make sure you never miss the latest DH5 news.

What element were you, Bounty Hunter? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to tell us if you are interested in more Dungeon Hunter 5 quizzes.

Dungeon Hunter 5 quiz

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