Dungeon Hunter 5 performed live by the Orchestre Métropolitain

Dungeon Hunter 5

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In September residents of Quebec were lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend the Montréal Video Game Symphony. This event saw iconic game music from development studios throughout Montreal performed by the Orchestre Métropolitain. Among these compositions was a selection from Dungeon Hunter 5's score, so we have the footage for you to enjoy from Gameloft's Music and Audio YouTube channel! Check it out below.

A night of incredible music


The Montréal Video Game Symphony was a multimedia event. This was designed to bring the majesty of a symphony orchestra to the immersive world of gaming. And it was an amazing success! Recreating many modern musical masterpieces from the industry, the Orchestre Métropolitain delivered a force that no headphones or speaker system could match.

It should come as no shock that this event packed the punch it did. With 60 musicians along with 120 singers, the roof must have almost been lifted off the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier venue.

Just watching this video you get an idea of the full impact of Orchestre Métropolitain's performance. Couple this with the footage that accompanied the musicians, and you can only imagine the power of being there.

An incredibly night most noteworthy for its Dungeon Hunter 5 music. But I guess we would say that, so check out this video to be sure.

The talent

This Dungeon Hunter 5 composition included works from Carl Vaudrin, Alexandre Jacob, Benjamin Beladi, and also Bapiste Cathelin - all past or present members of Gameloft Montreal’s talented Audio and Music team. Their work brilliantly set the mood for the game, most notably its intense fantasy RPG action.

Conducted by Dina Gilbert, this offering from Dungeon Hunter 5 sat perfectly within the evening's theme of iconic gaming.


You can check out even more music from Gameloft’s Audio and Music team over on YouTube now. Also, if you want to try out the adventure this music is from, you can download Dungeon Hunter 5 here.

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