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Win 400 Gems and celebrate 6 years of My Little Pony: Magic Princess

MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess is currently celebrating its six Pony-versary! It is an exciting time with Pinkie Pie is running herself ragged organizing parties everywhere across Equestria. As part of the revelry, there is a chance for everypony to walk away with amazing rewards thanks to the 6th Pony-versary Community Milestone Challenge! Five lucky…
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Enjoy a Gameloft Halloween, in 2018!

Everyone loves Halloween. Maybe it’s because people enjoy dressing up. Perhaps it's the magic of seeing kids and adults all enjoying ghoulish parties. Or maybe it's just that we all secretly enjoy being a little scared. Whatever the reason, the end of October always seems to have a little (dark) magic in the air. And…
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Show off your Ball Bounce skills with My Little Pony!

Calling all competitive Pony’s, MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess has a sporty event that the whole stable can enjoy. This gives a fresh new football look to the Ball Bounce mini-game, and provides you with the opportunity to win a special Pony, Mudbriar! But this event will only last for a short time, so be…
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Make new Pony pals at the Friendship Festival

My Little Pony: The Movie is here and to celebrate wonderful things are a-hoof in Gameloft’s MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess Quests game. In Ponyville the Friendship Festival is about to begin, but this year things are looking extra special thanks to news that a mystery guest is planning to visit. There is also news…
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