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Humans Behind the Game: Blagoy Topalski, Game Designer

Blagoy Topalski is our lead game designer for our massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game March of Empires. Based in Sofia, Blagoy first joined the studio in 2014 as a QA tester and has grown throughout the years to become the seasoned game designer he is now! Find out more about him, his career path,…
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March of Empires: Rewriting History Together

March of Empires is a massively multiplayer online strategy game that immerses players into a fantastical medieval world full of huge battles and endless warfare! Players must choose between three factions—Kings, Tsars, and Sultans—and build their armies with the help of others around the world to become the ruler of the realm. [arve url="" align="center"/]…
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Are You Ready for April Fools’ Day?

You may have noticed some questionable additions or confusing changes, but considering the date that should be expected. To help you figure out if you got fooled or not, let’s take a look at all the pranks Gameloft pulled! Did You Get Fooled? As we jump into the fun and show off all the surprises…
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