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Looking Back at Iron Blade

Iron Blade, Gameloft’s first dark medieval fantasy RPG, was released worldwide on May 24, 2017. Made in Cluj and inspired by Romanian history and geography, the 60-person strong team aspired to create the biggest medieval open world game on mobile at the time. It was huge challenge and a project unlike any other, using techniques…
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Notre-Dame’s Hidden Templars

Seeing Notre-Dame in flames last week left many of us hurt. Seeing the majestic symbol of Paris still standing in the morning became a true source of inspiration. All the incredible passion that went into the cathedral’s creation continued to shine across the world. To pay respect to Notre-Dame and its presence in Iron Blade,…
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Are You Ready for April Fools’ Day?

You may have noticed some questionable additions or confusing changes, but considering the date that should be expected. To help you figure out if you got fooled or not, let’s take a look at all the pranks Gameloft pulled! Did You Get Fooled? As we jump into the fun and show off all the surprises…
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