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The Talented Women at Gameloft

We have so many exceptionally talented, driven, passionate, supportive, kind, and wonderful women at Gameloft and our subsidiary studio The Other Guys that we can’t showcase them all! But that doesn’t stop us from trying! We are proud to present some of the many girls who slay the game in our studios around the world!…
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Stefania Mois, Game Community Manager

Stefania Mois is one of our game community managers at Gameloft Cluj! Her first job in the gaming industry, she joined us last year in the middle of the pandemic after hearing from her friend about all the exciting projects she got to work on in her gaming company. Stefania didn’t hesitate to make the…
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Camille Thomas, Chief Financial Officer of Southeast Asia

Camille Thomas, Chief Financial Officer of Southeast Asia, joined Gameloft in 2015 because she was looking for a change—a fun change—which she found in the gaming industry! She loves her colleagues and the fact that people can come as they are. A big supporter of diversity and inclusion, Camille believes companies and individuals all have their…
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Svitlana Dyachenko, Quality Assurance Tester

Svitlana Dyacheko started playing games at a young age and studied IT in university to work in the gaming industry. After she graduated, there weren’t a lot of game studios in the Ukraine, so she went down a different path. But one day, she remembered her love for video games and her previous goal of…
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Rita Coly, Player Insights Specialist

Rita Coly loves video games—and by love, we really mean love (she has over a hundred hours on Persona 5 Royal)! She discovered games at a young age and her love for them only grew stronger with time. She wanted to work in the gaming industry early on, but her path hasn’t exactly been linear.…
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Anita Szegedi, Game Manager

Anita Szegedi is a game manager at Gameloft Budapest who does everything in her power to encourage and support other girls and women who want to work in the gaming industry! Anita has always wanted to work in a creative field, but didn’t know which one. One fateful day, she stumbled across a game developer…
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