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Dead Rivals’ zombie action in One Minute

Gameloft's new MMO Action RPG, Dead Rivals, drops you into a society ruined by the zombie apocalypse. With a huge-world, an expansive RPG style quest system, and PVP action, there is A LOT here to explore. But, if you don't have time to research everything about the game before downloading it, then we have all…
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Win 10,000 Seeds in Dead Rivals with Eray Feyzi

UK YouTuber, Eray Feyzi, is working with the Dead Rivals team to create a series of videos on Gameloft’s zombie MMO. These videos are designed to help survivors begin their journey into the apocalyptic wastelands of Colorado. And, to give new players an even bigger leg up, each of these videos is accompanied by a…
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Enter the action of Dead Rivals, THE mobile zombie MMO

Enter the post-apocalyptic world of Dead Rivals. Gameloft’s new title is the first of its kind, a mobile zombie MMO. It blends fast-paced action and classic MMORPG adventuring to create a thrilling, undead Action RPG. With undead roaming the lands, a fractured society is tearing itself apart faster than a hungry zombie devours a brain-sandwich.…
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Pre-register for the post-apocalypse in Dead Rivals

Smashing together fast-paced open-world action, MMORPG elements, and zombies, Dead Rivals is the first of its kind on mobile. Gameloft’s undead survival experience has you fighting in a hostile world filled with danger. Its stylish graphics and colorful cast of characters ensure that you'll want to play this awesome zombie game even if you are…
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