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Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics in One Minute

Sir, you are in control of an elite unit of Blitz Brigade troops. Prepare your strategy and take them into battle against our enemies in Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics. Now, watch this short instructional video to get you to full fighting force in one minute! Blitz Brigade's comic military force is springing into action once…
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Blitz Brigade employs some new Tactics

Gameloft’s comic military forces are about to spring into action once again in Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics. This time you will not be taking control of a single soldier for FPS action, instead this spin-off has you in control of a whole miniature military for an intense real-time strategy game. One vs One combat Get…
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Pre-register for Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics

Gameloft’s comic military crew are about to spring into action once again, with Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics. But this time - instead of controlling a single soldier in a FPS - you must take command of an entire miniature military. This fast-paced strategy game is coming soon, and you can pre-register now to get amazing…
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