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Dragon Mania Legends: The Secret Lives of Dragons

Dragon Mania Legends is the perfect game for dragon lovers! Released in January 2015 by Gameloft Budapest, the goal is to collect, breed, and hatch unique dragons, who all have their own personalities, to fight the evil tyrants and become the best dragon trainer in Dragolandia! [arve url="" align="center"/] With over 700 dragons currently in…
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Gangstar Vegas: Hearts of Gold in the City of Sin

Gangstar Vegas is an open-world action-adventure game that gives players the chance to live large in the City of Sin! Our third-person shooter, created by Gameloft Montréal but now run by Gameloft Kharkiv, was released in June 2013 and is the fourth installment in the Gangstar franchise, which was created in 2009. The game immerses players…
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Antonin Lhuillier Reflects on 20 Years of Gameloft Memories

Antonin Lhuillier, Global Director of Business Operations, has been with Gameloft since the beginning! He was at Gameloft when it was actually called LudiWap and has seen all the changes the company and mobile gaming industy have gone through firsthand these past twenty years. Although Antonin doesn't consider himself a gamer, he finds a lot…
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Alexandre Tan’s 4 Different Lives Over 16 Years at Gameloft

Alexandre Tan, Vice President of Advertising and Brand Partnerships, has been at Gameloft for over sixteen years! His journey started out in the United Kingdom as a managing director, but Alexandre has changed and evolved so much over the years that he feels like he's led four different lives at Gameloft! Learn all the knowledge and insights…
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Dumitru Niculescu’s 16-Year Journey at Gameloft

Dumitru Niculescu knew he wanted to work at Gameloft the moment he walked into the studio for his interview. Sixteen years later, he's still with us and is now our Senior Director of Product Mangement for Gameloft Business Solutions! Find out all about his unconventional path to our studio and the various tasks he's taken on…
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Bogdan Bodea’s 14-Year Passion for Video Games

Bogdan Bodea has always been passionate about video games, and our Platform Operations Manager has worked in submissions, marketing, and QA at Gameloft over the past fourteen years! Find out what it's been like for Bogdan to grow up with Gameloft and his varied roles throughout the years. [arve url="" align="center"/] What are your responsibilities as…
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14 Years of Exploring New Business Horizons With Henry Pan

Henry Pan, our our Global Business Development Director, has been with us for fourteen years now, and he's gathered a lot of knowledge and experience along the way. Check out the interviews below to find out more about him and the excellent advice he has for us as we prepare to head into the new year!…
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Lydia Vo-Cottin’s 10-Year Love Story at Gameloft

Lydia Vo-Cottin joined Gameloft Saigon on Valentine's Day ten years ago and has grown from game product manager to our Southeast Asian communications director! Check out the interviews below to find out why Lydia believes her time at Gameloft has been nothing less than a love story! [arve url="" align="center"/] What are your responsibilities as the…
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Alexandre de Rochefort Looks Back on 20 Years at Gameloft

Alexandre de Rochefort, Chief Financial Officer, kicks off the week dedicated to our veterans. He's been with Gameloft since the beginning, so be sure to watch and read the interviews below to learn more about him and the past twenty years at Gameloft! [arve url="" align="center"/] How did you come to be at Gameloft? I started my career…
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