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Introducing Jessie: Gangstar Vegas’ New Female Character

And now, it’s time! Introducing the champion fighting out of the red corner, she is the newest Gangstar fighting out of Las Vegas, USA. We’re proud to present the undisputed featherweight mixed martial arts champion and the Gangstar franchise’s first playable female character: Jessie! Who Run the City of Sin? Women! Gangstar Vegas is an…
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Humans Behind the Game: Andrei Streche, Game Producer

Andrei Streche, Game Producer, currently works at Gameloft Bucharest on one of our ambitious, but unannounced, cross-platform games. He’s been playing video games since he was in high school and got his first job in the industry during his last year of university in 2005. Andrei has worked in various roles throughout his 16 years…
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Humans Behind the Game: María Guerrero, Partnership Product Manager

María Guerrero, Partnership Product Manager, has been with us for over 5 years now! As part of our Gameloft for brands division, María is in charge of creating entertaining gaming experiences and has had the opportunity to work on some exciting projects! Learn about some of her favorite moments working at Gameloft and what she…
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Humans Behind the Game: Antoine Peltier, Worldwide Audio Manager

Antoine Peltier joined Gameloft Montréal a year ago during the pandemic as our worldwide audio manager. A huge gamer, Antoine has over 21 years of experience in the industry and has worked all over the world on various franchises and platforms! Antoine leads our Audio Department to create all the audio for our games, and his…
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La Fille de Feu: Dragon Mania Releases Children’s Book Series

Dragon Mania is expanding into the world of children’s books in France with a new trilogy! Our franchise was born in 2013 as the Android and Java game Dragon Mania and was succeeded by Dragon Mania Legends in 2015. Created by Gameloft Budapest, Dragon Mania Legends transports players to the land of Dragolandia—a magical world…
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Humans Behind the Game: Alexander Slavov, Creative Marketing Specialist

Alexander Slavov, Creative Marketing Specialist, joined us a little over a year ago during the pandemic, and almost immediately “felt like [he had] found [his] place at Gameloft”! He works with various team and departments to create new and innovative ads for our games, and he’s currently working on a new, exciting unannounced project by…
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Humans Behind the Game: Roman Tkachuk, Monetization & Marketing Manager

Roman Tkachuk, Monetization & Marketing Manager, has learned a lot during his journey at Gameloft. He joined the QA team at Gameloft Kharkiv in 2010 and has taken on various roles throughout the years to be where he is today! Learn more about Roman’s career evolution and some of the many game’s he’s worked on…
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Humans Behind the Game: Patric Mondou, Game Director

Patric Mondou, Game Director, has over 13 years of experience in the gaming industry and has been us with us for over 5 years now! He joined Gameloft Montréal in 2014 as a game designer for a few years before leaving and coming back in 2019 for his current role. And we’re very glad he…
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Humans Behind the Game: Christopher Teskey, Lead Game Designer

Christopher Teskey, Lead Game Designer, is a seasoned veteran of the gaming industry. He’s worked all over the world on types of games over the past two decades! After leaving his previous job, it was important to Chris that his next one would offer a fun challenge, new opportunities, and like-minded coworkers, and he found…
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Memorial Squad: How Sniper Fury Honors the Fallen

Sniper Fury, our fast-paced first-person shooter, hosted a particularly moving event for Memorial Day this year—the game team came together with their community to honor some of the long-time players who have passed away. Our Snipers have created real and strong bonds with one another since the game’s release 5 years ago, and they and…
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