Brain Challenge™

Brain Challenge™

Get your brain in shape with these fun daily exercises! No pain, stress, or boredom; just challenging and entertaining puzzles that act like a vitamin boost for your brain. Twenty different games in five categories (Memory, Visual, Logic, Math, and Focus) will train all areas of your brain. Evaluate your mental capacity under regular or stressful conditions with the Daily Test & the Stress Management Test, and work with your favorite personal coach among two to improve. Keep track of your progress every day, and easily evaluate your level of brain activity.

  • 20 mini games of Visual, Memory, Logic, Math and Focus.
  • A stress management mode to test your abilities under stressful conditions.
  • A creative mode to relax & explore your brain's creative abilities
  • Self-adjusting difficulty system based on your brain activity profile.
  • View your overall progression with detailed stats & graphs.
  • Free mobile game offered inside. For the the following US carrier: AT&T, Verizon (blackberry), T-Mobile, Sprint, Alltel (blackberry), Boost, Qwest

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Demo download System requirements
Operating system: Windows XP or Vista
Processor speed: Intel Pentium3 733mhz or better processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard drive space (uncompressed): 150 MB
Graphics Card: 64MB Direct3D 9 compatible video card
Sound Card: Vista compatible
DirectX version: DirectX9 compatible driver
Internet connection required
Download file size: 67.0 MB


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