Block Breaker Deluxe

Block Breaker Deluxe

New challenges and other innovations make this great arcade classic even more attractive and fascinating: obstacles of every kind, special bricks, multiple bonuses, secret weapons, varying paddle sizes and ball speeds that change during the game, plus much more! Get ready to face the challenge and make it through the 50 levels offered in Block Breaker Deluxe. Prepare yourself for the frenzy of the most breathtaking block-breaker game!

  • Flashback to an 80's universe.
  • Discover 50 levels in 5 different environments.
  • Up to 5 bosses, 11 types of bricks, 14 power-ups and more!
  • Everything you need for hours of crazy matches

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Demo download System requirements
Operating system: Windows XP or Vista
DirectX7 or higher
32MB DirectX Compatible 3D Graphics Accelerator
DirectX compatible Soundcard
Internet connection required
Download file size: 21.3 MB


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