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  • At May 16 12:42 pm Twilight wrote:

    Every Pinkie Pie in this picture is having tons of fun! Round them up and see how many you can find!

  • At May 16 12:23 pm Twilight wrote:

    Now you can try your own magical skills and create objects by looking into Twilight's telescope!

  • At May 16 10:46 am Twilight wrote:

    With a sweet job and a lot of patience with Pinkie Pie, Mr. Cake is the pony of the day.
    Add more sweetness to your Ponyville and get your own Mr. Cake!

  • At March 14 6:25 pm Twilight wrote:

    Hello everypony! Here's all the differences!

  • At March 13 5:18 pm Twilight wrote:

    Get your detective cutie mark, right here!
    Spot all the differences !
    P. S. : Don't tell anypony where they are, else you'll spoil the fun. We'll reveal them in 24 hrs!

  • At March 12 6:30 pm Twilight wrote:

    Put on a green hat because we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day in My Little Pony on iOS!
    Go greet Lucky Clover & Mr. Breezy to have good luck at getting pots of bits all year-long!


  • At February 15 5:10 pm Twilight wrote:

    It doesn't matter if you've been lovestruck or not because this lovely pony will definitely do the trick for you.
    Hint: She really loves archery...
    Get Lovestruck for 50% less today only!

  • At February 14 3:34 pm Twilight wrote:

    Ponyville is ready for love with new ponies and decorations for your game on iOS & Android!
    Now you can welcome Apple Fritter, Uncle Orange & Featherweight to your Ponyville!
    Lovestruck will bring you a series of TIME LIMITED items and quests along with Flashy Pony, Apple Cobbler & Crescent Moon!

    Update on Android

    Update on iOS

  • At January 28 4:28 pm Twilight wrote:

    Rebuilding such a wonderful village requires lots of love, magic and dedication. More than everything, you need the power of friendship to prevail.

    But everypony knows that no Pony can make important decisions in Ponyville on an empty stomach. Grrr…

    Get Apple Acres to help get through all that hard work!


  • At January 21 1:36 pm Twilight wrote:

    Spike walks into the restaurant: Do you have any rubies? No? Ok... I’ll have the hay flies…Extra Crispy! Get your ponies the extremely tasteful, exclusive cuisine with the restaurant!

     Yum! The ponies will stick to it like caramel on the candy. Especially if there’s candy apples involved…

  • At January 18 2:40 pm Twilight wrote:

    Rarity's secret hobby is making every statue in Ponyville look as fit as a fiddle! Have fun with this delicate pony by helping her improve the statues.

    Trot over to the shop and do your magic by getting some statues for her to practice on!

  • At January 11 5:11 pm Twilight wrote:

    Attention, Mares and Gentlecolts!

    There's a sale going on and Spike is simply bedazzled by all the gems you can get at 50% less, this weekend only!

    Go get the preciousss packs & get the ponies you wanted!

  • At January 10 10:44 am Twilight wrote:

    Remember that special pony? You know who!

    From now on, each time you'll tap the pony in the box you have much more chances to be rewarded with gems. This way, you'll save up for your favorite ponies in no time!

  • At January 4 12:38 pm Twilight wrote:

    Rainbows are dashing through the snow in your Android game too!

    Now everyone can greet new ponies, build more houses, a cool Ice Cream Shop and enjoy the wonderful winter theme with the new update available here:

  • At December 31 12:49 pm Twilight wrote:

    We're starting this New Year with a special sale! Silver Spoon is available for a limited time only for 50% less so that you'll enjoy this new beginning in style!


  • At December 28 3:47 pm Twilight wrote:

    Make your Ponyville even more spectacular by getting  Princess Luna's Royal Guard for 63% less!

    This cool looking Pegasus will definitely be an eye-catcher to friends visiting your town! Go get your hooves on one as this is a limited offer!

  • At December 28 3:03 pm Twilight wrote:

    Now you can get even more free gems by watching videos in our shop!

    All you have to do is go to the top menu, then tap the "+" sign in the Gems tab. A new Menu will pop up! Tap "Get free gems"!



  • At December 28 2:56 pm Twilight wrote:

    My Little Pony - The Game is constantly improving thanks to everypony who's leaving their feedback here!
    You can clear parasprites faster because from now on the number of shard rewards from buildings has increased!

  • At December 28 2:50 pm Twilight wrote:

    As the night between two years is approaching, we're paying our respects to the first episode of the show by improving the Harmony Stones.
    From now on, there will be a chance for a Harmony Stone to give you a random gem. Gather as many Elements you can and activate them at the Harmony Stone for a chance to get an extra gem!

  • At December 21 6:31 pm Twilight wrote:

    We know that everypony's working hard on rebuilding Ponyville so you'll be rewarded with a gem each time you level up!

  • At December 21 6:28 pm Twilight wrote:

    Yeeehaw! Ashleigh Ball, the voice of Applejack & Rainbow Dash tried out My Little Pony - The Game and gave us an interview!

    Is the game 20% cooler? Check out the behind the scenes video with this fun girl here:

  • At December 20 11:49 am Twilight wrote:

    Snowtacular! Winter just hit My Little Pony - The game in this new iOS update!

    This Christmas you can make friends with Pip Squeak , Teacher's Pet, and Bowling Pony , along with brand new holiday decorations ! Get cozy in the Log Cabin, and treat yourself at the Ice Cream Shop !

    After all, what’s winter without snow? See your Ponyville covered with snow by updating your game on iOS:

  • At December 19 5:22 pm Twilight wrote:

    Friendship is magical! We've read your comments and decided on making Rarity Soarin' and Sweetie Belle available for less!
    Get into the Holiday spirit and go greet these awesome ponies in your Ponyville!
    Thanks everyone for your feedback!

  • At December 3 2:59 pm Twilight wrote:

    Turn your frown upside down with Pinkie Pie’s favorite shop: The Joke Shop!
    This little baby will help this adventurous pony pull all those funny pranks.
    Go get your mustache, invisible ink & prop glass and start preparing some pranks of your own to show off your Tricktionary!

  • At November 30 7:19 pm Twilight wrote:

    Today is the day when we give thanks to all our pony friends for all your magical support!

    To celebrate we're making a 50% discount on some gem packs, for you to get your hooves on your favourite ponies!

  • At November 30 7:18 pm Twilight wrote:

    This Movember Applejack is growing a moustache & Rainbow Dash is trying some impossible missions!
    Come get your own FREE My Little Pony Movember wallpaper in the Exclusive Content section!
     For more info on the Movember & Sons initiative visit:

  • At November 30 7:18 pm Twilight Sparkle wrote:

    Did you get a chance to discover the exclusive Screenshots & Videos we have ready for you in the dedicated section? If you haven't, what are you waiting for?! We also have more surprises waiting for you in the Exclusive content section, so be sure to check those out as well!

  • At November 30 7:18 pm Twilight Sparkle wrote:

    Have fun with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and their friends in the fun-filled My Little Pony Game, available for FREE on iOS & Android! Yay! Retrieve the elements of harmony to bring back Equestria to its well-deserved glory! Share your pony world with all your friends, help pick out apples and clear the sky in 10 seconds flat in the Magic Wings mini-game! So hold on to your hooves, this game is about to be BRILLIANT!

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