Platinum Mahjong

Platinum Mahjong

Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, as myths suggest, developed the immensely popular game of Mahjong, while traveling through Asia around the year 500 B.C. Now comes a mobile game that faithfully recreates this tradition in a sophisticated, beautifully designed experience. The mobile version of this classic Chinese game of intelligence, anticipation and luck offers an easy to pick up, yet challenging experience that is sure to entertain both casual gamers and Mahjong enthusiasts. Test your intellect and please your senses with this brand new twist on the ancient classic game of Mahjong.

  • Tutorial option that allows you to recieve tips as you play, from a beatiful Chinese host.
  • Exquisite graphics, zen Chinese visuals and dynamic sound design.
  • Lots of animations and unlockable features for longer lifespan and tons of replay value!
  • Very intuitive gameplay appeals to a wide ranging audience.

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