NBA Smash!

NBA Smash!

Take on the NBA in this fast-paced, mobile, 2-on-2 streetball game. Experience all the thrills of the most challenging playgrounds in the U.S. as you take on today’s hottest talent in the NBA. Showcase your crossovers and high-flying dunks all in an effort to make it to the top. If the competition gets too tough, use the exclusive 3rd player feature for some extra backup and alley-oops. When you’re ready for some pro action, create your own player and form your team to show you truly own the playgrounds. Are you ready for NBA Smash!?

  • Face 150 NBA players in spectacular 2-on-2 street-style games Arcade gameplay: fly from half-court to dunk or dribble at the speed of light to fool your rivals.
  • Take on all 30 NBA teams in the exclusive carreer mode and prove that you own the playgrounds!
  • Exclusive 3rd player feature: call a 3rd player to perform even more amazing alley-oops!
  • Play in three mythic playgrounds in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

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