LEGO® Batman™: The Mobile Game

LEGO® Batman™: The Mobile Game

Excitement builds as the Dark Knight hits the streets of LEGO Gotham (and a load of bad guys) to protect the city from Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy & the Joker! Piecing together the action of Batman with the humor of the LEGO video games, LEGO Batman creates a fun experience that fans of all ages can enjoy. Beat up enemies with a variety of moves like the headbutt and leg sweep or throw batarangs to hit targets from a distance. Break objects into pieces and reassemble them into something new to solve puzzles or create powerful tools to take your enemies apart.

  • Pummel foes with batarangs, uppercuts, leg sweeps and an arsenal of other moves.
  • Jump inside the Batmobile to chase down enemies as you dodge obstacles and blast criminals.
  • Break apart the environment and build useful gadgets from LEGO bricks to solve puzzles.
  • Explore Gotham City streets, Poison Ivy’s greenhouse and the Joker’s amusement park.
  • Battle Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, and of course, the Joker!
  • Enjoy humorous story-telling in the classic spirit of the LEGO video games.

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