Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush

Ever dreamed of discovering a horde of diamonds? Now is your chance to set off on the adventure, but be careful along the way! Between the falling stalactites in Tibet, the stifling forests of Angkor, and the venomous spiders of the Bavarian castle, the quest will be treacherous. Astonishing speed and agility are not all it takes to survive. You’ll also need insight and intelligence to solve complex puzzles and riddles so that you’re not trapped by a chaotic rock slide… for eternity!
Escape from these three magical worlds with the diamonds…and your life…and you’ll be crowned the ultimate explorer!

  • Tons of different obstacles and traps to get around: deadly spiders, bone-crushing rocks, malicious knights, falling ice, snakes, etc.
  • A whole arsenal of objects to collect and use wisely: a compass, a mallet, a grapple, and a freeze ray all make up the equipment for the ideal adventurer.
  • 3 exotic worlds, each offering an exhausting, but thrilling adventure!
  • Unprecedented lifespan: 40 levels and more than 200 riddles to solve before you can get your hands on that incredible treasure!

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