Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi

One of the greatest arcade driving games is now on a crash course for mobile! Pick up passengers and rack up tips for speed & for making the ride as insane as possible! Don't let anyone get in your way as you plow through a big city, finding shortcuts & jumping traffic to drop off your passengers in one piece before time runs out! It’s not how you get them there that matters, it’s how fast you get them there! Speed, fun, accessibility, plus the addictive score-attack formula provide a “crazy driving” arcade experience unique to its genre.

  • Pick up customers and take them to their chosen destinations as fast as possible to collect fares and hit some high scores.
  • Earn better tips by performing stunts and drifts.
  • Select among 3 characters: Axel, Gus and B.D. Joe, each has a different time bonus per customer.
  • Progress through 3 different areas of a giant free-roaming city.
  • Lots of shortcuts for non-stop speed and custom tricks!
  • 2 game modes: Arcade and Fixed Time Limit

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