By downloading the game Catz onto your mobile phone, you are adopting an adorable kitten that you'll be able to keep with you wherever you go. Take care of him, cuddle him, make him play, and watch him discover your virtual house, which will keep on filling him with amazement and wonder: aquarium, television, mouse hole... there's lots of mischief to be made! Ensure his happiness and exercise him regularly so that he can become one of the most talented cats and participate in a kitty competition. And if you rise to the occasion, you'll get the chance to adopt a little companion for your first kitten!

  • The first simulation game on mobile devoted entirely to cats!
  • One or two cats to raise simultaneously – choose from two breeds and four different colors.
  • Make sure that they get food and drink and that you pet them regularly so that they will love you.
  • Lots of places to explore: the dining room, kitchen, and bedroom in the house, the garden, and the kitty stadium.
  • A store for buying the accessories necessary for your kitten's well-being and development.
  • Lots of mini-games: ball, ball of wool, laser pointer, and the kitty competition sporting events.

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