Air Strike 1944

Air Strike 1944

The ghastly dictator Darkstein is about to put Europe at his mercy! He has already invaded nearly the entire continent, and only England is still resisting his destructive army.
As Darkstein is about to launch an ultimate attack on London—one of the final strongholds still enjoying freedom—the king of England decides to call the United States to its rescue. But given the urgency of the situation, there’s only one solution left: send Air Strike, their elite squadron made up of you and your fellow fighter pilots!

  • The ultimate take on the cult shoot’em up genre: you won’t find more intense action and diversity (4 planes, 9 environments, 15 different kinds of enemies, and 5 bosses) in any other game.
  • The cutest graphics and an impressive high-speed feeling at the controls of the machinery.
  • A comic-style, original and fantasy set-up… with Air Strike 1944, WWII has never seemed so thrilling!
  • Totally spectacular battles, thanks to lots of devastating weapons and destructible settings.

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