Mystery Mansion Pinball

Mystery Mansion Pinball

Dare to enter the spooky haunted mansion in Mystery Mansion Pinball and set out on a hunt for its treasure. But watch out, because a bunch of disturbing, colorful characters hide within this menacing place—from Frankenstein’s monster to mummies, not to mention the sexy vampire, werewolves, and even the mad scientist's monster—they’ll all try to stop you from getting what you came for!
You’ll be engulfed in an atmosphere with the timeless charm so characteristic of B-movie horror films. You’ll also get the chance to rediscover just how fun an awesome game of pinball can be, complete with everything you’d find in a real table and brilliantly recreating the ambiance of the hottest pinball games!

  • B-Movie Atmosphere: Fun and scary setting with lots of familiar characters—Frankenstein’s monster, werewolves, vampires, etc.
  • Design based on the most successful and thrilling real pinball games.
  • Incorporates the latest pinball machine functionality, such as fun mini-videogames that you can play on the machine’s LED scoreboard.
  • Incredible attention to detail to reproduce the real sensation of playing pinball.

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