Wild West Guns

Wild West Guns

You will need to display extraordinary speed and precision in this modern take on carnival shooter games. Aim at your targets using the touch screen, and shoot for as many points as possible. Anything can be a target, so be sure to explore the environment for hidden elements. Identify your enemies quickly among the characters you encounter, but don't shoot the bystanders! Ride up to an Old West-style train attack or challenge your skills in a variety of increasingly difficult challenges. As you progress, you'll earn money to unlock the next level, making for challenging and addictive gameplay.

  • 18 challenges featuring typical Far West environments (saloons, deserts, stables, trains, etc.)
  • Interactive backgrounds that allow you to shoot elements in the environment to earn more points
  • Diverse targets and enemies (cowboys, sheriffs, signs, flying sombreros, balloons, vultures)
  • Extended lifespan thanks to 5 different game modes
  • Use the touch screen to aim and shoot and the accelerometer to free yourself from the grip of an enemy

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