Platinum Solitaire

Platinum Solitaire

Platinum Solitaire is the latest adaptation of the famous card game, set in the trendiest environments! Enter some of the greatest casinos in the world and you’ll be greeted by the dealers who work in these chic, lavish establishments. Players who crave the traditional classics will get hooked on the Quickplay mode. As a bonus, this innovative version offers 5 new games: Golf, FreeCell, Pyramid, Spider, and Yukon. Time will totally fly by and you’ll be addicted in no time. Plus, move all your cards with your finger for the easiest card control and shake your iPhone to shuffle the cards. Platinum Solitaire will prove to be the ultimate casino card game for your iPhone!

  • Play six different Solitaire games! Traditional Solitaire plus 5 addictive, alternative versions: Golf, FreeCell, Pyramid, Spider, and Yukon.
  • Get hooked on Solitaire in some of the world’s classiest casinos: Six trendy casino environments, each with its own dealer!
  • Win as much money as you can, earn jackpots and bonuses, and beat your top scores!
  • Spend hours mastering this classic game – it’s totally addictive!
  • Easy-to-understand tutorials and in-game hints will help you gain immediate gaming pleasure.
  • Move all your cards with your finger for the easiest card control.

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