Bridge Odyssey

Bridge Odyssey

Join 9 wild characters on a journey so big, they’re going to need all your support! Help the Dodo, Bison, Giraffe and others on their trek to the Lost World by building bridges over ruined passes, bottomless pits and molten volcanoes. Grab vines or bamboo to support your bridges and keep them from breaking under the pressure. You’ll have to use your wits and the environment to make the bridges strong enough to carry them across 48 levels in 6 different environments.

  • Use your creativity and skill to build bridges simply by drawing with your finger on the touch screen.
  • A light-hearted atmosphere with a funny and highly stylized animal gang including the Dodo, Fox, Parrot, Mammoth, Squirrel, Bison, Cat, Walrus and Giraffe.
  • Discover 48 levels across 6 different environments: Tropical island, volcano, ancient ruins, desert, jungle and an ice cave
  • Make full use of the game’s physics and environments to solve puzzles. Use bamboo stalks or vines, and even the sun to succeed!

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