Warplanes: A History Of Aerial Combat

Warplanes: A History Of Aerial Combat

You won’t just read about the historic role of these amazing aircraft, you will interact with them through rotatable 3D models. Peruse a gallery of over 200 HD pictures plus interactive cutaway diagrams and schematics that let you look closely at their every detail. You can even watch certain planes in action with a wide collection of videos. This app was designed to not just inform, but entertain, whether you’re an expert or just a fan of warplanes.

  • 40 historic warplanes including fighters, bombers, reconnaissance and more
  • Accurate 3D reproductions for each plane
  • A gallery of over 200 photographs
  • Detailed information including each plane’s combat role, historic significance & interesting facts
  • Technical illustrations: Schematic/blueprints and color illustrations
  • A stats screen that lets you compare planes side-by-side
  • 15 videos of the aircraft in action: watch them taking off, maneuvering and firing weapons
  • Interactive cutaway diagram drawings

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