Iron Man 2 for iPad

Iron Man 2 for iPad

Rocket into action as Iron Man or War Machine in the official movie game. Now an international hero, Tony Stark is the top weapons contractor for the government, and a top target for his enemies with their own vicious weaponry. Run, hover and soar at will thanks to easy-to-learn controls as you battle with your fists and advanced firepower. Go head-to-head against Ultimo, Firepower, Whiplash and armies of massive mechanical foes in nine locations created in full 3D. You’ll need Iron Man’s Mark IV, Mark VI, Stealth and Underwater suits to survive and unlock all 25 achievements on Gameloft LIVE!

  • The official game of the most anticipated film of the year.
  • Battle across 9 locations recreated in full 3D, from Stark Expo in New York to Somalia.
  • Play as either Iron Man or War Machine as you fight famed super foes like Ultimo, Firepower and Whiplash.
  • Unleash Iron Man’s famous weaponry like Repulsors and the devastating Unibeam on a wide array of enemies.
  • Upgrade your powers and become even more devastating after each stage.
  • Get charged for battle with a powerful rock metal soundtrack including the rock classic, “Iron Man”.
  • Connect to Gameloft LIVE! and unlock 25 achievements.

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